Some winter training tips – running in the cold

There’s a really good article written by Sam Murphy in the Guardian today with some great tips for running in the winter. In a nutshell, the article suggests keeping safe in winter running by paying close attention to these factors:

  • Really warming up, including putting your kit on a radiator before you put it on
  • Not wearing too many layers
  • Staying properly hydrated before, throughout and after your run as it’s easy to forget about hydration when it seems chilly outside
  • Investing in some reflective (as opposed to dayglo) clothing and a head torch
  • Always wear a waterproof jacket if it looks like rain or snow
  • Try buying waterproof socks if running conditons are waterlogged underfoot
  • Plan your way around ice – try to run on the grass more when it’s very cold

Sam finishes by saying “be flexible”. You may not be able to carry out your ideal traininig session, but don’t give up just because conditions aren’t perfect. Maybe not rocket science, but well worth a read. To that excellent winter running advice we would add

  • Avoid areas where there is likely to be mud and leaves towards the end of autumn, as the risk of slipping and injuring yourself is much higher
  • Try to avoid steep downhill sections too
  • Plan your route so that you stick to well-lit areas if you can
  • Run against the oncoming traffic so you can see it clearly
  • Know what time nightfall is before you set out, so you don’t get caught out

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