About Marathons.org.uk

Aim of the site

Marathons.org.uk aims to bring together as much high quality information about UK marathon, half-marathon and mountain marathon races as possible.

The site includes a UK Marathon Calendar, plus links to hundreds of websites from around the world that contain everything you need to help you prepare for your next marathon.

Have your say

We welcome contributions from anyone interested in marathons.

So whether you are a

  • runner
  • coach or sports scientist
  • race organiser; or
  • follower of marathons here in the UK

please add your views to the site. You can either

  • comment on pages and posts; or
  • send us news items or other information for consideration.

About us

We are definitely not experts in marathon running, so we approach each and every subject from the point of view of enthusiastic and interested non-experts.

There are plenty of experienced marathons runners, organisers and coaches out there who know their marathon onions.

And there’s a ton of information too.

Our goal is try to pick out the best of that information to help you find interesting stuff about long distance running here in the UK.

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