Predicting your race pace with a Magic Mile

The Magic Mile Test

One method of predicting what your race pace could be is the so called Magic Mile test.

Basically you run a mile as fast as you can and take a note of the time.

For a full marathon you should be capable of sustaining 130% of that pace.

    5:17 min mile 3 hour marathon
    6:10 min mile 3.5 hour marathon
    7:02 min mile 4 hour marathon
    7:55 min mile 4.5 hour marathon
    8:48 min mile 5 hour marathon

For a half marathon the multiple is 120% (rather than the 130% for the full marathon).

Update your magic mile once every two or three weeks throughout your marathon build-up to give you a fresh idea of the sort of time you might achieve.

More magic mile information

You can find more details about the Magic Mile test on Jeff Galloway’s website.