Avoiding injury during marathon training

Few things are worse for a marathon runner than getting injured during training.

The training you miss while recovering can be crucial and can wreck your chances of getting to the race start line, let alone the finish line.

Injury avoidance tips

You need some luck to avoid injuries while you are marathon training, but you can make your own luck too.

Planning to avoid injuries

  • Design a well rounded training program
  • Pay attention to strength training
  • Try to avoid super-high intensity sessions
  • Don’t over train
  • Stick to the ten percent rule.
  • Follow a hard workout with an easier one or a rest day
  • Make sure your running shoes are still in good condition.

During training

  • Stay well hydrated throughout your training.
  • Always warm up.
  • And stretch too.
  • Leave enough time to warm down after training.
  • Consider post-training treatments like massage, ice baths or whatever else helps your recovery.

Dealing with injuries sensibly

  • If you feel an injury coming on – stop training.
  • Rest an injury wherever possible.
  • Get treatment – don’t assume the injury will heal without help.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard when training restarts.