What’s your motivation for running a marathon?

One of the recurring themes you comes across when planning marathon training is the idea that everyone is different.

You can tailor marathon training to suit your own requirements.

The mental side of marathon preparation

Nowhere is this more true than the mental aspects of the marathon. Almost everyone needs high levels of motivation to see them through to race day and the finishing line.

Here are some ideas to help you find the motivation to get through a the mental side of marathon preparation.

Chasing a time

  • Run a PB
  • Finish in the top half of the marathon field – you can then say you are better than average
  • Beating a friend
  • Keeping up with a faster friend

Raising money for charity

  • Raise more than a target
  • Promote a charity by talking about it before and after the marathon
  • Run in memory of a friend or loved one

Getting fitter

  • Measure your improved performance
  • Lose weight
  • Get more toned
  • Improve your stamina
  • Quicker recovery after exertion
  • Feeling fitter

Getting outdoors

  • Fresh air
  • Plenty of time to clear your mind of the worries of everyday life while you are running

A new hobby

  • Running is a cheap and portable hobby
  • Meet new people
  • Unlike many sports, you can run on your own or with other runners
  • Race day is a memorable experience
  • An opportunity to continue marathon running after your first race
  • A sport you can play into old age

Self esteem

  • A sense of achievement
  • The respect of friends and family
  • Feel toned, fitter, stronger and maybe sexier

Which motivating factors you choose is entirely up to you.

Marathon motivation tip

Before you start your training, write down the reasons why you want to take on the marathon in the first place.

At some point in your training you’re bound to be a bit lacking in motivation.

Use these points to remind yourself why you are running a marathon to help you get your motivation bubbling away again.