Safety and marathon training

Most marathon training safety is common sense.

But bear in mind that some of the time when you are out running you will be:

  • physically shattered
  • dehydrated; and
  • possibly not thinking clearly.

So it’s a good idea to plan ahead to avoid problems.

Looking after yourself during a training run

These simple precautions will help you avoid injury and illness while you are running:

  • 2 hours before a run start drinking enough water to make yourself properly hydrated and make sure that you have eaten enough food of the right types.
  • Warm up and stretch properly before you set out.
  • Don’t start running until you feel you are physically ready.
  • On a baking hot summer’s day, try to run at a cooler time of day if you can. Use sunscreen liberally. Wear a hat or cap.
  • Ensure that you have a good supply of water or sports drinks throughout the run if you’re out for more than an hour.
  • Use a heart rate monitor to keep tabs on your heart rate. Don’t overdo it.
  • If you feel an injury coming on stop – there’s no point in completely ruining your training schedule for the sake of bloody-mindedness.
  • If you suffer an injury while running, how will you get home?
  • Take a mobile phone with you.

Other running safety tips

Stepping out into a sometimes hostile environment can bring its own problems.

It’s worth considering these precautions too:

  • Run with a training partner.
  • Don’t go out in extreme weather conditions.
  • Keep alert, especially if you are running in a slightly dodgy area or if people nearby behave in a suspicious way.
  • Ignore any onlookers who might want to take the mickey out of you as you run by.
  • If someone tries to talk with you keep moving.
  • Familiarise yourself with the route enough to know where you might get help if you need it.
  • Take enough money for a ride home with you.
  • Wear something bright so that other road users and pedestrians can see you coming.
  • If you are running at night, wear reflective clothing.
  • Plan your route to avoid dangerous neighbourhoods and other running hazards.