Using a half marathon or 10k race

It’s pretty hard to sustain enthusiasm for running a marathon over a long period of training.

Your build up to the race day might take 6-12 months and you will doubtless have setbacks along the way.

One way of giving yourself something exciting to aim for is to use a shorter race or two as an interim target.

A marathon dress rehearsal

You can use shorter races like

  • 5k
  • 10k; or
  • half marathons

to spice up your training.

As well as a motivational lift, the races will probably be really good fun.

And if you’re not an experienced marathon runner, experiencing all the excitement and complications of a race day is a great way to learn what’s involved in taking part in a marathon with hundreds or thousands of runners.

If you’re training for the full marathon distance, you can find a list of UK half marathons here.