What to do on marathon race day

So race day has arrived and there are dozens of things to think about.

Here are some marathon race day tips to help you on your way.

Marathon race day tips

Double check all the race arrangements

Make sure you know

  • Where you have to go
  • When you have to get there
  • How you are going to travel
  • Where are you going to park

like the back of your hand.

Don’t get too excited

Hard to resist though it is, getting over-excited before a big race will leave you knackered later on when you need as much energy as possible.

Keep your head at breakfast time

Make sure you stick to your race day nutrition plan. This may not be the right day to take advantage of your hotel’s Full English Breakfast option. The all you can eat breakfast buffet is another temptation that will require a bit of discipline too.

Check you have all the kit you need

Make a checklist well beforehand so you can tick everything off your list. You’ll then feel confident that you haven’t forgotten anything and can turn your attention to the race.

Get to the race early

Especially for some of the bigger marathons, it’s easy to under-estimate just how disruptive a huge crowd of runners, volunteers and spectators can be. You will need plenty of time to get from A to B.

Wear some old clothes

It’s easy to get really cold early in the morning on race day. Keep yourself warm with clothes that you don’t mind if you never see again. You can discard them at exactly the moment that seems best for you.

Keep off your feet as much as you can

This is hard to do, but try not to use up energy walking around or standing up if there’s somewhere to sit down.

Be clear what your pace goals are

It’s really easy to get swept along by the crowd and the excitement of it all. Try to keep as much discipline in the first mile or so so that you don’t wear yourself out later.

Join in with the crowds

The crowd plays a big part in making the marathon such an amazing experience.

Wave to them. If you have your name on your shirt they’ll cheer you on by name.

Enjoy the other runners

All your co-runners are pretty amazing people. Most of them have gone through rigourous marathon training – just like you.

Most of them will finish the race – just like you.

Enjoy their company.

Smile like a winner as you cross the line

Many marathons have photos taken at the finish. Make sure you look like a winner.

Respect the organisers

It’s not easy running a marathon – but it’s not that easy organising a marathon either. Do everything you can to fit in with the organisers’ instructions and requests.

Try to remember to thank the volunteers too.

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